Theridan Empire

Inhabited by: Chondathan
Government: Hereditary Imperial Monarchy

Kingdoms of the Theridan Empire

  • Ledian: is a harsh land with rocky soil and large fords. This has made the people hearty and harsh themselves. Fishing and trapping are primary products. While Ledian has a small standing army, many say it hardly needs too. Its people are all trained for war and to survive the demanding land from birth making the average Ledian worth a soldier in other armies. The Capital of Ledian is Vossonskar. Its predominate feature is the massive long house, Stonewood, residence of Kriger (King) Ledian.
  • Shoto: At one time Shoto was a part of the Seven Kingdoms (of Aspella). King Laramon betrayed the alliance by swearing fealty to The Theriden Empire and using the resources thus gained to commit genocide on the people of Iwen (of Aspella). Even after 40 years and the destruction of Iwen, Shoto continues its invasion of the Five Kingdoms. The costly war has depleted the land of its wealth and people. Fields lay untended as men and even children are drafted in to the conflict. Starvation is a constant problem for the common man in Shoto. To generate revenues, Shoto has relaxed its enforcement of laws turning the nation in to a den of criminal activity. The capitol of Shoto is Hanarin. The city is a maze of rundown shanties and seemingly randomly placed city walls built upon the steep slopes of Mount Kaladore.
  • Tulan: is a land of lush, fertile valleys, quaint farms, and small villages. The leader of Tulan is a Prince by title although not the imperial heir. Tulan is known for its large castle estates and knightly orders. Due to its internal stability, many banking clans make their base of operations in the capital, Blackhold. The city is situated on a bay and is itselfa massive citidel. Wines and liquors are the primary export of the region. Bacco leaves grown in Tulon are highly prized the world over by those who smoke a pipe.
  • Thron: is the capitol of Theridan and one of the richest countries in the world. Great stone towers house many of the nobility and priceless works of art Thron is known for. The people are industrious but somewhat superstitious. Worship of the Gods is required by law and it is expected that all will tithe to the church. The land is generally flat and arable. Gently flowing rivers carry water from the mountains in the west to the many farms of the country side. Wheat is a primary resource and the country is known for its many variety of breads.
  • Broz: is a rough land of hills and mountains. The area is known for its many mining companies that extract gold, silver, tin, iron, and copper from the land. The companies are extremely wealthy and powerful. Nobility is made up of merchant families who control the land and all who dwell within. They rely a great deal on the Imperial Army to keep the peace and defend its borders. Broz also relies on trade for other resources such as food and textiles which can be a drain on the economy.
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