It takes all kinds, this is a list of races available to players. The list is broke up into three categories common, uncommon and restricted.

Common Uncommon Restricted
Aasimar Catfolk * Aarakocra
Dragonborn Deep Gnome Death Walker
Dwarf Genasi Duergar
Elf Goliath Goblin *
Gnome Half-elf Kobold *
Halfling * Half-Orc * Lycanfolk
Human * Minotaur Wemic
Tiefling * Warforged *

Common Races


These races are allowed and are the most common for Living Realms. You will find these races in every corner of the world. It is possible for a common race to have subraces that are uncommon or even restricted make sure the subrace is not uncommon or restricted before choosing it. If either is true, ask the DM if you can play it. See uncommon and restricted below.


  • Lightbringer - Defenders of the light. Some spells and extra resistances.
  • Seraph - Angelic warriors that can fly.


  • Dragonborn Clans - Clan specialty skill
  • Dragon ancestry - different types of dragons
  • Draconians - Magically enhanced, very powerful. Restricted to evil characters


  • Mountain Dwarf - Armor proficiency.
  • Hill Dwarf - Toughness


  • High elf - Sun and moon elves, accepting of outsiders.
  • Wood elf - Wild and forest elves, less friendly to outsiders.
  • Eladrin - Strong connection to fey wild, misty step. Hair always blond or white.
  • Drow - Great darkvision, light sensitivity. Black skin.


  • Forest Gnome - Illusions, can speak with small animals
  • Rock Gnome - Artificer's lore, tinkerers
  • Deep Gnome - Darkvision 120, Access to a racial feat



  • Variant Human - Feat
  • Regional Traits - you know or have training in something based on your region.


Uncommon Races


These races are generally allowed for players in Living Realms. You should let your DM know your wish to play one of the uncommon races so he can help you build a custom background that fits. If you choose to play one of these races, it is possible for you to not see another one of your kind for quite some time during your adventuring career. Again, there may be restricted subraces. Make sure the subrace is not restricted before playing it. If so ask the DM if you can play it. See restricted below.


Deep Gnome


  • Air - doesn't have to breath, can cast levitate
  • Earth- can cast meld into stone
  • Fire- resistance to fire, can cast burning hands
  • Water - resistance to acid, can cast create or destroy water


  • Stone's endurance - Can reduce damage from an attack by shrugging it off
  • Powerful build - can carry more weight


  • Fey ancestry - cant be put to sleep via spells
  • Darkvision - can see in the dark 60 feet



  • Pearl Minotaur - Strength, Darkvision 60, Falchion. Sea fairing pirates.
  • Obsidian Minotaur - Strength, Darkvision 120. Live in the underdark build labyrinths.


Restricted Races

These races are rare, monster races or very powerful. You cannot play one of these races unless your DM okays it. If he okays it he will have to work with you on your background and possibly give you custom personality traits. Playing a restricted race or subrace may unbalance the game if the DM is not prepared for it.


  • Skixies - Vultures, can eat almost anything, limited flight.
  • Oussix - Owls, can see in the dark.
  • Eassix - Eagles, good sight.

Death Walker

  • Mort - Zombies, Slow but hard to go down.
  • Ossein - Skeletons. Fast and relentless


  • Subrace of dwarf
  • Superior Darkvision - Can see in the dark 120 feet.



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