Dragonborn Clans

"Above all else there is my clan" -

Dragonborn Ancestry

Each clan has two prominent bloodlines one chromatic and the other metallic. This doesn't represent the draconic feud between good and evil. If anything it represents the opposite, that all dragons can get along. It shows dragonborn have moved past the squabbles of dragons, to some extent. They still honor the true dragons and the dragon Gods and even have their own feuds between other clans. Over time, dragonborn have learned to work together using their short lives to its full extent rather than waist them in a feud that they feel they no longer belong to. Even their clan feuds are short lived, if there is anything they have learned from watching the true dragons fight is it isn't worth the time or effort.

Dragonborn and True Dragons

There was a time when the dragonborn worshipped the true dragons and fought their battles for them. They've seen their kin die over things that mortals couldn't understand, countless times. To the dragonborn, dragon wars would last generations. Only to find out it was a trivial argument, like, the copper dragon flew over the blue dragons land once. Of course to the blue dragon this was a capital offence. But, if you took the whole war, all the time it took and compare it with the lifespan of a true dragon he was actually only upset for about a year. It's the human equivalent of someone cutting through your yard. Yeah your upset and probably say or even do some bad things but after a while who cares. The dragonborn cared, they were left with generations of dragonborn who died in a cause that didn't matter.
The clans were made to protect dragonborn interests in society. So that dragonborn don't go off to fight pointless wars. The dragonborn hierarchy of honor goes something like this; Clan, Gods, True Dragon, Self, Other races. Not all dragonborn may follow this code but most do and believe this an honorable path.


Each clan has a specialty. A craft or skill, something they work towards mastering as a clan.

Clethtinthiallor Daardendrian Delmirev Drachedandion Fenkenkabradon Kepeshkmolik Kerrhylon Kimbatuul Linxakasendalor
Performance Animal Handling Brewing Carpentry Jewelry Herbalism Survival Weaving Painting
«««« ««««««« «««««««««« Prominent Ancestral Heritage »»»»»»»»»» »»»»»»» »»»»
Blue Bronze Black Gold Red Black Brass Green Blue
Copper Green Brass White Silver Silver White Bronze Brass

Myastan Nemmonis Norixius Ophinshtalajiir Prexijandilin Shestendeliath Turnuroth Verthisathurgiesh Yarjerit
Athletics Alchemy Medicine Music Cooking Weapon Smithing Pottery Armor Smithing Blacksmithing
«««« ««««««« «««««««««« Prominent Ancestral Heritage »»»»»»»»»» »»»»»»» »»»»
Gold Copper Black Green Silver Bronze Blue Black Green
Red Red Bronze Copper White Red Gold Copper Gold

Clan Traits

You gain the following traits from your clan.

  • Clan Specialty you gain proficiency in the skill or artisan tool associated to your clan

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