Death Walker

Cursed with Undeath (Death Walker is a restricted race ask your DM if its okay to play it)


Some humans have been cursed in Living Realms, the cause is completely unknown and random. All that is known is any human born has a chance to become a death walker(the afflicted or ill-fated undead). Some time after their eighteenth birthday, the curse may take hold but even age is random. For some they become cursed at eighteen, others reached twenty before becoming a death walker. The oldest anyone has ever been and became one of the afflicted was twentyfive.
There are two types of ill-fated undead; Ossein(skeletons) and Mort(zombies). In both cases the death walker stops aging and start decaying. Death walkers still retain their souls. Infact they are sentient beings, their bodies are just not alive, they remember everything of their past life.

Who What When Where Why

During a period known only as the inquisition; wizards, sages and clergy all tried to study the curse and make sense of it, with very little results. Only the gods know the answers to these questions but they are currently not sharing. Perhaps the answers shall reveal themselves in their own time, perhaps we shall never know.

• Who it effects - The curse is rare, it only affects one out of one thousand humans.

• What is the curse - Humans who succumb to this curse stop living. They become a sentient undead in the form of either a skeleton or a zombie. Sages have found that in both cases, powerful necromantic magic flows through their bodies, similar to animate undead, but more powerful. Death walkers do not age, however, they do decay. It takes a long time for a death walker to decay away, a couple thousand years at least.

Ossein - In the case of a skeleton, their flesh quickly falls off within a few weeks, only bones are left. Amongst other things, skeletons
have no eyes, brain, vocal cords or muscles but they can still see, think, talk and move. Necromantic magic seems to keep these functions
active. Skeletons don't need to eat or breath. They technically don't need sleep either but they still kind of do. Their minds still get tired and
need to dream. When they get tired they can fall into a kind of trance similar to an elf. It lasts about 4 hours and are somewhat aware of
their surroundings.

Mort - Zombies, decay at a much slower rate than the skeletons. Thier bodies dry up much faster than a normal carcass. The drying
process seems to help slow the decay rate. Necromantic magic keeps the brain and muscles functioning. Zombies can still use their
diaphragm, only to fill their lungs with air. They can then push the air past their vocal cords to speak, other than for speaking, they do not
need to breath. Zombies also do not need to drink, eat or sleep but can fall into a trace like state when they get tired.

• When did it start - Their have been death walkers in living realms as long as anyone can remember. Only the oldest beings could remember a time with out them. Dragons have been questioned about them one of the oldest, an ancient silver dragon said he remembers the curse when he was a wormling.

• Where are they from - The death walker curse is known around the world some cultures fear it and actively hunt death walkers, most accept it as it is.

• Why is the happening - No mortal knows. There have been hints that the gods do know. Possibly the most important fact is that all the gods have ordered their followers to stop asking about the curse. Some say the gods don't know and wont admit it. However, the elves say that a long time ago, their gods have told them not to worry, it will only affect humans. They were also told not to treat the death walkers any different than a normal human. This is why, of all the races elves are the most sympathetic to the death walker curse. Some elven communities are known to welcome death walker outcasts and have helped set up death walker camps, down wind of course.

The Inquisition


About four hundred years ago there was an inquisition. People feared the death walkers, they rounded up the ill-fated undead into camps where they studied and tortured them. Most had tests run on them, all to find answers to questions about the curse and in the end, try to eradicate it. They went so far as try to destroy every last death walker, thinking if they did the curse would end. The task was difficult and they never got close to completing it. But as impossible as it was, they did kill a lot of the afflicted, along with any death walker sympathisers. Some factions of the inquisition took it even further and for eight years they killed all human children between the age of ten and eighteen in the hopes of slowing the death walker population. It was a sad time to live in, the elves amongst a handful of other races went to war against the inquisition. The war lasted twenty years before the gods stopped the inquisition by force. Its because of the inquisition you will be hard pressed to find a death walker over four hundred years old.
The inquisition was started to find out information about the curse, the gods said stop, you don't need to know. The clergy were the first to leave the inquisition because the gods stopped granting them divine powers if they kept asking. Wizards soon followed, when the clergy made it a capital offence to experiment on a death walker.
To this day, some human mages still run experiments in secret. There was a lot of resentment towards death walkers during the inquisition, some of it still exists. There are cults that are actually still part of the inquisition, actively hunting and experimenting on death walkers. They believe the curse will doom the entire human race and that their work is not only necessary but will eventually save the human race from this curse.


Death Walkers and Magic

Remove curse and remove disease, have no effect on the death walker curse. No known mortal magic can remove the curse, though, there are still stories of the afflicted being cured. As long as there are death walkers someone will be trying to cure it. Resurrection and similar magic will bring a destroyed death walker back in the same state of decay it was in when it was destroyed. Once a death walker decays away nothing can bring it back, just as if it died from old age. Oddly enough, all Healing spells and rest, affect a death walker the same as a normal human. Non-magical healing such as a medical kit and the Medicine skill have no affect on death walkers.

Rattling Bones

It may get noisy but ossein can only wear metal armor. Ossein wearing metal armor are essentially empty metal cans, there is no body to dampen the noises of the metal pieces touching each other. You can do some minor adjustments to the armor(adding cloth between joints, ect.) but it is still very noisy. For some magical reason, metal armor fits ossein death walkers as it was intended to(only if the armor is intended for a humanoid and the right size). Sages claim the necromantic magic reacts to the metal armor, altering the magnetic forces around the bones of the death walker. All that matters is it works with metal. Some of the magic that was used to destroy the osseins flesh still lingers and it has the same affect on cloth, leather and other organic material in a matter of a few days any armor worn of this type rots away. Not to mention it doesn't fit right, offering very little protection and really only hinders the wearer.
With some minor adjustments, morts can wear any armor they wish. They may be dried up corpses but they still have flesh to help fill out the armor.

Death Walker Names

Most death walkers use their human birth names. Some who were outcasts choose a different name, only a first name, usually a name from the first race who helped them. Sometimes the surname is dropped and replaced with a title.

  • Surnames: The Death Walker, The Afflicted, The Ill-fated Undead


Death Walker Traits

All Death walkers share some common traits you gain the following.

• Past Life. You lose all human racial traits except proficiencies, languages and feats. You lived a normal life up until the curse took it away. You still remember all you've learned.

• Ability Score Increase. One ability score of your choice increases by one.

• Age. All death walkers are adults in their late teens and live a few thousand years.

• Alignment. Death walkers can be any alignment but those who are outcasts tend toward evil.

• Size. You still have a human frame, humans vary widely in height and build, from barely 5 feet to well over 6 feet tall. Regardless of your position in that range, your size is Medium.

• Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

• Undead Nature. You don't require air, food, drink or sleep.

• Trance. Death Walkers don’t need to sleep. Instead, they zone out, remaining semiconscious, for 4 hours a day. While in this trance, you can dream. Your dreams are usually of your life before you became
an afflicted, other dreams are more like nightmares but you can't remember them. When you come to, only a feeling of dread remains. After resting in this way, you gain the same benefit that a human does
from 8 hours of sleep, unless you had a nightmare, then you must trance again to gain the benefit. The second trance(right after a nightmare) always counts as if you had 8 hours of sleep.

• Dull World. You can only see shades of grey.

• Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light.

• Turn Immunity. You are immune to effects that turn undead.

• Undead Immunities. You are immune to poison damage and the poisoned condition.


Death walkers have two subraces (Ossein and Mort) choose one.

Ossein Traits
Skeletons are quick and tireless, they can run forever. All ossein death walkers have the following traits.

  • Ability Score Increase Your Dexterity increases by one.
  • No Skin Just Bones You weigh 1/4 that of a human.
  • Skeletal Frame. You gain Resistance to Piercing damage and Vulnerability to Bludgeoning damage.
  • Light on Your Feet. Your base walking speed increases by 5 feet.
  • Tireless March. You are immune to exhaustion.
  • The Rot. Anything that you wear that is organic begins rotting and falls apart, animal matter(such as hide and leather) only lasts a few hours, plant material(such as cotton and other fabrics) lasts a few months. If you wear clothing you'll have to replace it every month. this only affects things you wear.
  • Metalic Armor. You can only effectively wear armor that is made of metal. Also, if you wear armor you roll stealth with disadvantage and if you wear heavy armor, opponents roll perception with advantage to find you.


Mort Traits
Zombies are slow moving but relentless, they just wont go down. All mort death walkers have the following traits.

  • Ability Score Increase Your Constitution increases by one.
  • Dry Flesh You weigh half of what a human weighs.
  • Zombie Toughness When you roll hit points you can't roll less than half your hit die +2.
  • Zombie Fortitude. If damage reduces you to 0 hit points, you must make a Constitution saving throw with a DC of 5 +the damage taken, unless the damage is radiant or from a critical hit. On a success, you drop to 1 hit point in stead.
  • Shambling Walk. You cannot use the dash action.

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